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Fresh Pet Bird Seed Mixes

AVIAN CHOICE manufactures fresh pet bird seed mixes for all sizes of pet birds from Finches to Macaws. All of our products are hand mixed in small batches when ordered. We don't add any preservatives. We use high quality seeds, grains, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, and other ingredients. We don't keep our products in a warehouse waiting to be ordered. Each order is made fresh for you and your birds. We have a large variety of recipes that we make, and we also offer custom mixes and take special requests. If we have the ingredients, we will mix it for you. We all love our pet birds, and they deserve the freshest, highest quality food available. We know that birds prefer a variety of choices so our mixes contain seeds and grains of different sizes and textures. Our Select line of mixes also contain dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, and other enticing ingredients to provide even more variety. Many of our mixes contain Striped Sunflower. We do not use black oil sunflower in any of our mixes. Most of our mixes for larger birds are Safflower based with a small amount of Sunflower (our Parrot mix contains almost equal amounts of both seeds). Sunflower can be added or removed from any of our mixes if requested. Our Web Store lists all our products with pictures and the majority of their ingredients. Most of our Select mixes contain extra items to entice your feathered friends. We are working on some new recipes and hope to be adding them soon.